Using science to hack your fitness goals.

Using science to hack your fitness goals.

BFR Research 101:
Scientific Studies That Prove BFR Training Works

If you have come to check out the science behind BFR training you have come to the right place. This is the one-stop shop for all the peer-reviewed scientific literature addressing BFR training.  The works are sectioned out for you regarding what the study was looking for from the examination. Studies are listed multiple times […]

BFR Training 101:
A Scientifically Proven Way to Build Muscle Faster

BFR Training with BFR straps

Blood flow restriction training is exploding, people are getting uncanny results with more muscle mass, huge strength gains, better endurance – with shocking amounts of time saved compared to traditional workouts. And the science is overwhelming. Unlike fitness fads, BFR training is scientifically proven with an enormous amount of peer-reviewed scientific-research studies that validate it […]